How easy Wireless Lab works:

Step 1:

Just simply put the temperature sensor (PT1000) of the wireless module inside your refrigerator or freezer. Just fit the wireless module with the magnetic back to the outside of your equipment. The Wireless module is battery powered. This battery has a lifetime of around 10 years. You will get an e-mail from the unit when the battery is getting low.

Step 2:

All wireless modules are sending their temperature data to one main communication station. This communication station communicates with a maximum of 32 wireless modules with a distance of up to 1000 metres. The communication station is connected to the main power (220V / 50 Hz) but of course has a built in UPS to continue operation during power failures.

Step 3:

Every hour all your valuable data is send to using a LAN / Ethernet socket. Optional you can also use a SIM card in the communication Station to use GPRS for this data transfer.

Step 4:

24 hours a day 7 days a week on every PC in the world you can check the performance of your equipment in graphs, tables, log files, etc. All data is securely stored for 1 year on the Wireless Lab server and can be downloaded any time in Excel.

Additional options are:

Receiving a summary report in PDF every Monday morning by e-mail. Receive alarms by SMS text message on your mobile phone and / or by e-mail.

Wireless Lab is a wireless and plug & play solution for easy monitoring and safe storage of temperature data. Monitor your laboratory equipment without using any paper, installation time or software. Just check your equipment performance on every PC with internet access. Additional you can receive temperature alarms on your mobile phone or e-mail address.